Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Outfit Inspiration [HIM] :Woodland Wander

What happens when you snag a good looking man, some ethical clothing and wander into the woods? You create the opportunity for an ethical fashion shoot! This past Saturday we headed outdoors taking advantage of the grey gloomy winter light to create some ethical inspiration and enjoy the great outdoors. I hope you got a chance to breath in some fresh air also! 

Get the look below...

A) Eco-Jaspe Zip Hoodie $136 - Alternative Apparel

Crafted from premium Eco-Jaspe, this Zip Hoodie features a heathered knit look with high-low texture and a super soft feel.    63% Polyester, 28% Cotton, 9% Rayon

Sweatshop Free - Socially Responsible - Vegan

B) Charcoal Mix Toque $32 - Muttonhead

Hat made from an acrylic blend.

Sweatshop Free - Made in Canada

C) Field Jacket $184 - Muttonhead

Quilted Field Jacket for Men and Women. Made from a Nylon Rip Stop  in Toronto, Canada.

Local - Sweatshop Free - Vegan

D) Adventure is Calling Shirt $32 - Grey by Thrive Lifestyle

Designed and printed in the Thrive Studio with Eco-friendly ink. Printed on an American Apparel crew neck T -shirt. 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester

Hand Made - Eco Friendly - Local - Vegan - Socially Conscious

Friday, December 5, 2014

Gift Ideas: Stay Cozy, Stay Warm

Happy December ladies and gentlemen! I am sure that many of you are starting to think about what to get the loved ones in your life this holiday season. Why not start with something that bring out that cozy warm feeling of the holidays. Here are some of our top pics from the shelves of Thrive Lifestyle.

I am in love with this crew sweater. I think it is the perfect piece for any mans wardrobe, plus it is so darn soft and well made! 

[ Canadian Made - Sweatshop Free - Vegan ]

This cozy wool blend hat can be worn in the classic logger style, or as a slouchy toque making is a safe bet for any male in your life. (Side note: This is also a great hat for women!) Also available in Black, and smoke grey.

[ Canadian Made - Sweatshop Free  ]

c) Eco Mock Twist Henley $62 - Alternative Apparel
This henley is a great basic for every man. Made from a soft poly-cotton blend this henley is eco-friendly and comes in a great peppered mocha colour. 

[ Sweatshop Free - Vegan - Socially Responsible - Eco-Friendly ]

d) Head-Wrap $32 - PuddleDuck
These wonderful head wraps are hand knit locally using local wool. Perfect for keeping those ears cozy on west coast winter walks.

[Sweatshop Free - Local - Handmade ]

This poncho like sweater is made from 100% organic cotton in a beautiful french terry knit. Perfect for layering in winter and spring this shirt tail cape is a excellent gift! 

[ Sweatshop Free - Vegan - Socially Responsible - Eco-Friendly ]

This bomber jacket is a loose fit, designed with comfort and style in mind. Making it a great go to gift as it is easy to fit! Made from eco-friendly fabrics this jacket says LUXURY!

[ USA Made - Sweatshop Free - Vegan - Eco-Friendly ]

This Velour sleeper in Mele Grey is super soft and cozy. It will make any new baby feel warm and cuddly! 

[ Sweatshop Free - Socially Responsible - Vegan ]

This Hoiho sweater is made from a salt + pepper organic french terry. It just yells snuggle me! 

[ Sweatshop Free - Vegan - Eco-Friendly ]

This knotty hat is one of many colour variations we have in the shop. It makes the perfect little add on or small gift at $14.00. Made in both bamboo fleece and jersey options. 

[ Local - Handmade - Sweatshop Free - Vegan - Eco-Friendly - Socially Responsible ]

j) Feather Pillow $56 - Thrive
In store we have a variety of Bamboo Fleece and Wool pillows for you to choose from all with our popular prints on them. Made in the Thrive studio with care and love! 

[ Local - Sweatshop Free - Eco-Friendly - Handmade ]

Pollen Arts is a candle company started by a young couple in California. They make beeswax candles shaped as vintage jars. We are in love with them, check in store for a wider variety then online! 

[ USA Made - Handmade - Sweatshop Free ]

These teacups by Ashware studios in Brooklyn are easy to hold and will warm up your hand while you drink! 

[ USA Made - Handmade - Vegan - Sweatshop Free ]

Be sure to stop by the shop if you can and we will be glad to help you find a conscious gift for the loved ones in your life. And if you don't live locally, enjoy a friendly 10% OFF on our online shop use coupon code COZY-10 . 

Stay Cozy, Stay Warm!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Alternative Apparel : Always Evolving

We at Thrive have recently taken on Alternative Apparel, an American brand based out of LA, as a large part of the stock in our store. The more I learn about this company the better I feel about carrying their stylish pieces for the everyday modern individual. Not only do they focus on how their brand can have sustainable business practices, but if you check out there blog they actively seek to be a part of influencing, inspiring, and mentoring those around. A business built by entrepreneurs its a community full of passionate people with a mandate to do better, live better, and be better!

Since their beginnings as a brand a large part of their focus has been to consider there role in the world as a whole. How can their company better the lives of not only the client, but also every individual who makes these great items. With a belief that Social Change can happen through responsible business practices Alternative Apparel has been making conscious choices with regards to fabric innovation, ethical work environments and eco-friendly options while designing modern basics for a sustainable future. 

With factories working for them world wide they have taken special care to make sure all facilities have the proper credentials and respect for their employees. All factories meet the standards of the Fair Labor Association, (FLA) the Workplace Code of Conduct as well as the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production, (WRAP) a independent non-profit team for global social compliance. 

Alternative chooses to focus on fabric first when it comes to the construction of their garments. Considering themselves fabric innovators they are on a constant quest for signature blends that combine softness and make it happen responsibly. Some of their key fibers include 100% Organic Cotton from Peru, as well as unique eco-blends, knits and special environmentally friendly washing processes. Check out there latest innovation, the G2 Eco Wash. 

All in all, we at Thrive Lifestyle are proud to take on there fashion line and be able to share it with all of you! So, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for new items that will arrive in the seasons to come! We are excited to carry it, and hope you are too! 

Below see the most recent styles to come in at Thrive Lifestyle from Alternative Apparel! 

For Her:

For Him:

Shop for more Alternative Apparel online, Click here!

Gift Ideas: Early Christmas Shopping

So its official, Halloween is over, and yes, that means we start thinking about Christmas. I know, it's only November 13th. But I for one, love Christmas! I love the season of giving and spending time with loved ones and family. I feel it gives us all an excuse to slow down a little and focus on those that matter in our lives. It's a chance to make them feel special, wether it be with a handmade gift, home baked cookies or that perfect item you found from your favourite local shop. So here is a teaser for ya, just a few things we have curated for the shelves our wee boutique. Enjoy!

For Him: 
a) Park Cap - Winston $52

For Her:

For Them:

Friday, November 7, 2014

Amour Vert : Smart Fashion

Have you seen what we have new in store from Amour Vert? We have had some great pieces trickle in that we are so excited to share with you. We feel they are perfect for the climate of the west coast with there soft cozy feel always made from eco-friendly materials. 

Amour Vert is a San Francisco based company that has made it there mandate to produce what they call Smart Fashion, every garment is a step towards a cleaner world. Before starting out, the husband and wife team were on the search for ethical everyday clothing. However, what they found in the market was a lot of yoga/casual wear, or pieces so high end they were not fit for everyday. Already both entrepreneurs, they saw this as an opportunity and jumped in with both feet. 

From day one they have made choices that reduce fabric waste, eliminate harsh chemicals, a to create locally. They have been fortunate enough to work with a local mill in LA to create a custom fabrics made from a variety of natural fibers or recycled components. Each garment is also manufactured in the San Francisco area. And thats not all, for every items sold from the T(r)ee collection, they plant a tree, So far they have planted over 30,000 trees in partnership with the conservation nonprofit American Forests.

All in all, we at Thrive are proud to carry Amour Vert and there smart fashion. We find in an inspiration that another company out there is living our dream on a large scale! 

Thanks for reading and come on in the touch and feel these awesome pieces!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Outfit Inspiration [HIM] : Fall Walk

Click product titles to shop online.

a- Two Tone Crew - Muttonhead $120
We are so excited to be one of Muttonheads newest stockists this season. We have some great accessories and sweaters coming in November. One of which is this awesome two tone crew neck sweater. Canadian made ethical fashion at its best!

Canadian Made - Sweatshop Free - Vegan

b- Puff Daddy Natural Vest - Muttonhead $320
Another one of the fabulous pieces made by Muttonhead. This one however we are not bringing in… so you will have to buy it at the online shop!

Canadian Made - Sweatshop Free

c- Dirty Fade - Naked and Famous $158
These denim jeans have a button fly and are made from durable japanese denim. Hearty and designed to be worn in by there owner these jeans are built to last.

Canadian Made - Sweatshop Free - Eco-Friendly

d- Brooklyn Boot - Vegetarian Shoes $128
Another great shoe from vegetarian leather! These boots are ethically produced in Portugal. Vegetarian Shoes is a company to watch, hopefully there will make there way to Canada soon! Currently available online from Vegetarian Shoes.

Sweatshop Free - Eco-Friendly - Vegan

e- All Seasonn Touque - Muttonhead $32
These awesome all season hats will be a part of our November shipment. We have them coming in a handful of colours. Be sure to come in and check them out!

Canadian Made - Sweatshop Free

f- Tool Set - Tattly $18
Tattly's are this generations jewelry it seems, so try a fake one! Have fun with Tattly's! These are just a few of the ones that come in the tool set!

USA Made - Sweatshop Free - Vegan - Eco-Friendly - Socially Responsible

Come by the shop soon, (online or in store)!

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