Zoe + Jessica have experience designing their own clothing lines and came together in Spring 2012 to share a studio and open a retail boutique. They collaboratly hand make socially responsible and eco conscious clothing, home decor, and accessories.

They believe style doesn't have to be compromised when living an ethical lifestyle. Feel good buying products made with love, care, and consciousness. All pattern design, drawing, and screen printing happen in the Thrive Studio located in Thrive Lifestyle the retail store on Salt Spring Island, BC. All manufacturing is done in a small facility in Vancouver, BC.


Jessica has called Salt Spring her home for most of her life, moving here with her family at the age of two, she was raised in a family of entrepreneurs, and travelers. Jessica knew owning a business that betters the world would be the career path for her.

At the age of 16, Jessica started her first business, “Stand Up Apparel”. Starting in the local farmers market and eventually traveling across Canada and the USA for shows and festivals. Stand Up Apparel is still a brand carried in Thrive Lifestyle today, ten years later! 

Jessica has a degree in professional photography. She utilizes these skills to take care of all Thrive's graphic design, branding, photography, website, and blogging. Jessica also takes on the majority of the silk screening, she is the messiest screen printer around but she's f’ing good at it!

You can often find Jessica in the 'Thrive Wood shop', (dad’s garage) building a new window display, shelf, or a creative project for the home. Jessica chooses to live an active and an adventurous lifestyle. She loves the ocean, is light hearted, positive, and feminine.  

Have a message for Jessica, contact her via email. Jessica@thrivelifestyle.ca


Zoe Dubien was born in a tree house in Big Sur, California and moved to Victoria, BC when she was 3 years old. She and her husband moved to Salt Spring Island to start a family in 2008. 

Zoe’s mother was an artist and seamstress and taught her how to sew as a child. She has fond memories of being “a market kid”. 

Zoe established a hand made baby clothing line, Owl + dot dot, in 2009 so she could stay home with her daughter and sell in the local Farmers Market. She teamed up with Jessica in 2012 to open the retail store, Thrive Lifestyle, while 7 months pregnant with her second child. Her son, Oliver, spent much of first year with her at the store. 

Zoe is responsible for all of Thrive’s patterning/sampling/manufacturing that happens on Salt Spring Island, customer service, and communications with accounts. 

Zoe doesn’t sit still, she’s happiest when she can be productive. She’s positive, playful, and can bust a dance move at anytime. 

Zoe is meticulous and extremely particular. She knows what she likes and keeps to it.  She is attracted to masculine shapes, simplicity, and a muted colour pallet.

Have a message for Zoe, contact her via email. Zoe@thrivelifestyle.ca 

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